Sunday, November 4, 2018


Finally, I've finished my wall hanging or banner. It was a soothing activity, meditative. I think I'll leave it where I've hung it, beside a window with plants. I can meditate nearby and think of ways to bring peace into my life, the lives of my friends and family and by extension the world or my little corner of it.

PEACE is also available as a kit, which includes felting needles, 12"x12"x1" felting mat, felted fabric, fibre, stencils for all the letters, a wooden dowel and wool yarn to create a hanger. Plus detailed instructions.

I chose a cream fabric for the background and felted the letters in blue with green and pale pink flowering vines.

Please feel free to change the colours for your own banner or as a special request for a customer. Everything you need is included, except scissors, for a retail of $24.95. I'll post it on the website soon.

Have a peaceful day.

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