Saturday, October 27, 2018


I am working on some new needle felting ideas. I write, so I am interested in words. I have always loved seeing words on cushions, wall hangings, banners etc. Words like LOVE, JOY, HARMONY and yes, PEACE.

Yesterday, I began needle felting the letters for PEACE and today there is news of another mass shooting in the US. I don't know what to say. Do we fill our world with words of love or grief? I do know that we must counter every negative act with a positive one.

Artists' will work these positives through their media. They will write songs, and poems, paint pictures and sculpt or work with fibre. It's a way of alleviating the sorrow.

These are the letters, worked a little like illuminations. They can be horizontal or vertical and I may add another colour to the cream as a backing or chose a different colour for the larger fabric.

It's good to be working on a positive, trying to find the best way to say PEACE.

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