Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Nothing says Winter like a ......

.......Penguin. OK, a snowman too. I work in sets. I'm a very symmetrical person - yes, I have two arms, two legs and head in the right place most of the time :), however, when I design, I do it in sets. For example, one set of my lace scarf designs all followed the theme of a forest - I had 8 of them - pine and fir, leaf and flower, moss and myrtle, stream and pond.

So, it is no surprise that I have sets of 4 or 6, when designing ornaments. I started this last set with a snowman face and a snowman body. However, these kits needed partners. I thought, "Who else likes the cold?" Why a penguin, of course.

I could have done the penguin set in cool colours - black, white and grey - a little blah! So, I decided to warm up winter  by adding some colour. Here he/she is up close.

And from a distance

This penguin needs a name, with his muffler and earmuffs, I was thinking "Muff the Magic Penguin." Hmmm, maybe needs a little work.

Have a cool day!!

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