Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Weave A Little Loveliness.....

Weave a little loveliness into your life with two new looms from Clover. I haven't done much weaving in my life. I find it slower than knitting, which is slower than crochet and well, as a crafter, I like to think that I live in the fast lane, which these days looks a lot like needle felting on fabric!!

Last Thursday, though, I must have been having a "slow" day, because, this little guy was calling to me, "Psst, I'm the warped one over here!" OK, he wasn't warped. He needed warping and I needed to create a small wall hanging.

I had seen some lovely woven wall hangings on Pinterest and I thought that I might try to create one or two very small ones, using these cute, but sturdy looms. The actual measurements of the finished pieces are about 4.5" x 5.5" . And depending on the yarn used, a project could take anywhere from two to three days, in fingering weight, for example, to an afternoon in DK.

The one below is in hand dyed fingering with a very strong rayon lace weight warp. I used more of the warp for the stripes and since I hadn't bothered to read how to join yarn when weaving, I left "tails." I actually wanted some danglies, which I beaded. I twisted the remaining yarn into a cord for the hanging part and after much searching (the entire house, in fact) I finally found the bamboo skewers we use for bar-b-queing kebobs. One can find fancier rods to mount a hanging, but these were the best I could do, at a moment's notice, without breaking the bank!!

The last one, I wove with a warp of some sport weight cotton, which was actually from a ball of two lengths of yarn joined together with a knot. Now, you are not supposed to knot your warping yarn!! Well, I was well into the warp (can you say that?) and I thought "a-ha" a piece with decorative knotting - Why Not!!

I really should do another one. The idea of hanging three together in some sort of artistic arrangement  appeals. I also thought that you might do smaller pieces, like decorative badges to sew onto a jacket or bag. Clover does do a longer (double) loom for slightly larger pieces and, of course you can join pieces together (may take a while) to create something really epic!!

Have an awesome day!!

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