Saturday, March 18, 2017

Streetscaping along....

I have a gig teaching advanced needle felting at YarnoverSleepover this April, so I needed another felted project with a different orientation - that is vertical, as opposed to horizontal (not sexual!). My class is entitled "Creating Felted Masterpieces" and I needed to show the importance of the orientation of the background "canvas" to the final masterpiece.

Needle felting is an Art form. Fortunately I have taken (and passed) several university Art courses. Yes, they do come back to haunt me, whenever I pick up a pencil, brush or needle. All the muses are there, though sometimes they're all talking at once and it's a little difficult to get a straight answer out of any one of them. However, if I let the canvas speak, then everything grows quiet and I can hear the fibres whisper.

This is the beginning of a mediterranean streetscape on a pale vertical canvas.

My first streetscape was on a dark teal green background, with a horizontal orientation. This is how it turned out.

This is the second project completed.

It's a beachscape on the mediterranean. It was not unlike a fishing village that we went to near Malaga in southern Spain.

OK, we were there in February and there weren't many flowers, but the sea was right across the street.

Here's another one, with the sea a little further away. I could add a few more, because I think that my streetscape is a combination of all the places I have been, embellished with the fondest memories.

Create dreams in felt!!

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  1. Very impressive! Very pretty - I hadn't heart if needlefelting until now.