Thursday, November 10, 2016

I Felt Like It!!!

I've been doing a lot of "needle felting" lately. In fact, it's become my new obsession!! Since I distribute a collection of felting fibre - Bhedawool and felted rectangles - TrueFelt, I decided that I needed to know a bit more about needle felting.

I started last year with a small felted flower brooch - a very satisfying one hour project, that whet my appetite for a bigger meal, so to speak. I now needed to find some time to "cook up" something, that was more than just an appetizer.

Eureka!! My husband would be away on business for a few days so I had a window where I didn't actually have to cook a real meal. The kids, now in their twenties, rarely eat with us, anyway. From their odd looks and painful groans you'd think our food was some sort of poison. Well, who wants to die young from a lentil soup, when you can die slowly from poutine :)

Like all meals, for me anyway, it began in a rush. Running out of the door at the end of the day, I suddenly remembered that I needed to start this project and I had better grab a few felt pieces and some fibre before I left. It's a little like - "Oh, yeah, dinner - better pick something up at the "quickie mart" or we'll all starve.

I grabbed whatever was at hand and took it home. After some warmed up chilli, which passed for dinner, I looked at my palette. Alas, I had a choice of hot pink or dark teal as a background and whatever fibre was left over from my flower brooches. My artistic muse may well be Andy Warhol!!

I selected the dark teal, looked at a few felted projects online and decided I could do a streetscape, maybe. There was something about a quilted project with washing on the line that spoke to me. Yes, I know, the laundry baskets, in the corner, were full, sigh!

Finally, after three or four hours of fibre escape, voila! - a small French village on a dark and stormy night, perhaps

All I need now is a glass of wine, some Brie, a small baguette...... feeding the body after feeding the soul. There's a lot to be said for fibre!!