Thursday, March 31, 2016

Felted Flowers for Spring

Here is a very easy felted flower accessory made with TrueFelt 100% felted wool fabric and Bhedawool felting fibre. This makes an easy introductory class for needle felting. Once you've done a flower go on to butterflies, small animals, birds etc. You simply have to cut a new stencil for each accessory.  HAVE FUN!!

Felted Flower Accessory


  1. 8cm x 8cm (3” x 3”) square of 100% wool felted fabric
  2. A very small quantity of 3 colours of roving
  3. 60cm (24”) of fingering weight yarn, which is mainly wool
  4. One 38 gauge felting needle – Caution this is a very sharp needle.
  5. Sponge or foam (felting mat) to receive needle. Clover felting mats work very well.
  6. Scissors, tapestry needle.
  7. 8cm x 8cm (3” x 3”) square of card stock for stencil


  1. Draw a flower with 4 petals on the square of card stock leaving a border of 1cm (.5”)
  2. Cut out the inside of flower shape to create a stencil.
  3. Place felted fabric on felting mat.
  4. Centre stencil on fabric.
  5. Pull out a small amount of fibre from the bat. Use very little fibre. More maybe added, if needed.
  6. Place fibre about 1cm (.5”) from the edge of the stencil and secure by pushing down on the felting needle perpendicular to the felting mat. Repeat this action until fibre has adhered to the felt square. (You may remove the stencil and reposition it for the other petals.) Add shape to petals with needle, as you secure the fibre.
  7. Reposition stencil and repeat for remaining petals.
  8. Choose another colour of fibre and make smaller petals inside the ones now secured to the fabric.
  9. Without breaking a length of yarn outline small petals in a series of figure “8s”, beginning and ending in the centre of the flower. Secure the yarn with the felting needle. Cut yarn. Repeat for larger petals.
  10. With the third colour of fibre pull off a very small amount and work it into a disc between your fingers. Secure it the centre of the flower to cover yarn ends and create an “eye.”
  11. With sharp scissors cut around the outline of the flower leaving about 1cm (.5”) of the fabric showing.
  12. Flower is now ready to be sewn on as an embellishment to an accessory – hat, scarf, bag etc. A clasp maybe sewn to the back of the flower to create a brooch........Enjoy 
Infiknit has all the materials as a kit to make 3 perfect flowers. It's on our website.

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