Tuesday, October 6, 2015

A Feel for Felting....

Well summer got in the way of any progress on my felted vest, but I'm back at it with a vengeance, now that Fall is here. This time lapse, however, was not a negative. In fact it was quite a positive. I love the way the creative process works. Sometime between my last post in August and today, I happened to be talking to a shop owner about felting. I mentioned some of the problems I was having in creating the exact look I wanted. She said simply, "Why not use yarn!" Why not in deed?

It's a little like the elephant in the room. Because we are constantly surrounded by yarn, we often fail to look at it in new and engaging ways. Here is a picture of one those somewhat loose, dare I say, diaphanous butterflies from my last post.

Before yarn

Now here is one with yarn accents. I just added some lace weight yarn to define the wings a little more and voila! The addition of the yarn also stabilized the surface of the fibre and made it more durable.

After yarn

I am now working on small templates to use for classes. These small, stand alone, motifs can be used for brooches to pin on hats, coats or bags, suspended for mobiles, or hung as Christmas tree ornaments. They may also be used to decorate packages, make greeting cards, place settings etc.

If you'd like the instructions, just remind me and I'll send them along with your next order. Please note that there is no sewing involved. All the yarn is applied with a felting needle, as is the coloured fibre and.....they are really a lot of fun to do!!!

Have a great day

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

A whole lot of feltin' goin' on ...........

I can't believe that it's been almost a year since I last posted. Well it has been a year of transition. We've discontinued some products, added new ones and basically moved more in the direction of fibre and felting. Yes, I still knit a whole lot and I love, love, love all my needles and Clover accessories. However, there was something about felting that called.

In fact, when Dewitte Engel returned my call, I knew that I was going to have the Crayola equivalent of a colouring marathon. With 46 colours of Bhedawool fibre and 75 shades of 100% felted fabric - TrueFelt, I was a kid again with a new box of crayons and some blank paper - time to create.

It took a while to decide exactly what to felt and since I had never pushed a needle into fibre and fabric before, I was a bit hesitant. I thought of some small projects - cell phone case, tea cozy, diary cover, etc. These are great for gifts and for starters, but I needed something "grand."

I started Monday August 10, with the idea that I was going to create a vest and embellish it. The felt rectangles were easy to shape into a "Jackie O" or "Coco" style boxy vest. I had hoped to avoid sewing by simply felting the shapes together, maybe another time. I really needed my first efforts to adhere, so I used a running stitch and some lace weight yarn to create a saddle stitch accent - voila!!

I drew in the gapping arm hole with some more saddle stitching pulled a little tighter and then I began to design with a felting needle and the smallest amount of Bhedawool fibre. You may never actually see these butterflies in the garden, but I saw them in my mind. That's one of the pleasures of Art. You can make the real, surreal and live in a world of fantasy.

I'm about half done. I'll keep you posted.