Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Celebrate the Moment

I had one of those moments today - no it wasn't a "blonde" moment, though, at one time in my life I was blonde and yes, I can identify with those silences:) No, it was one of those, "OK, what's happening here" moments. As I was walking to my local Second Cup, (I shop Canadian.) I noticed 3 or 4 teenaged boys charging across the street. They were decently dressed and clearly on a mission.

I got my coffee, bagel and a few empty boxes (my coffee shop keeps boxes for me to reuse) and was headed back to the office, when I noticed several hundred high school students in pairs calmly walking down the street. It must have been all the upper grades of the local high school on a field trip.

Then I saw the ones who had run ahead and were behind now, trying to catch up. They had actually made a bee-line to a little bulk food store, across the street, that probably has the largest selection of candy on the continent!! I smiled. For all their sophistication, they still enjoyed the little things in life.

It made me think of the lovely candy colours of Clover products. Even if we can't or shouldn't indulge in a lot of sweet things, we can still enjoy our Clover craft accessories. Their colours, shapes and function add an extra dimension to the enjoyment of our work, just like the candy was going to add a little sweetness to a school outing.

Enhance the moment with Clover!!

BTW the kids looked great and were very well behaved - we're in good hands:)

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