Saturday, February 1, 2014

I was reading in the business section of the Globe and Mail this morning an article about Arlene Dickinson of Dragon's Den. The article covered her rise from "unemployed" housewife to owner of Venture Communications. According to the article, her struggle was monumental, but she made it, along with caring for four children. Did you know that she has five grandchildren? She also has compassion and a strong understanding of mentorship. This is why she has created the site, for entrepreneurs struggling to survive the pressures of building a business.

According to the article, Arlene's site offers tips, professional advice, feature stories and a blog from Ms. Dickinson herself. Here's the link - I found it easier to create an account by logging in via their FaceBook icon. I tried originally to set up an account with my Infiknit email and password, but got caught in a loop.

Once logged in, I found lots of articles on communicating, blogging, etc. There where platforms to ask questions - and presumably get answers. You could create groups, or join groups and so on. It was almost the business equivalent of Ravelry. In this respect, it also offers a place to move away from the knitting community, to get a broader view or just a different view of business and life - entertwined as they so often are!

I am always in favour of the vacation that some artists take, when they decide to work in a different medium for a while, before coming back to their preferred. It is not only energizing, it also brings a whole different perspective to what might be a very narrow niche.

The picture? A tribute to people who work with their hands and are on their feet a lot in the business of knitting!!

Have a great day!!

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