Thursday, January 30, 2014

Just Bob, Bob, Bobbin' along!!!

With EZ-Bobs that is. Infiknit has had these amazing little gadgets since the beginning. Well, not since the beginning of time, because that would mean that we should have an E-Z Bob-day and it would also mean that the world was created in 8 days not seven (or was that 7 days not 6). Anyway, do the Math, an extra day would only mean that every calendar, ever, is/was wrong and we still wouldn't really get a day off.

No, at one point, to make life easier, so you might have the illusion of a day off, Bryson Distributing, created E-Z Bobs. These are little (well some are big) plastic spools that fold over on themselves, after you have wound a quantity of yarn onto them, to seal the yarn in.

They are very useful for intarsia knitting or for stranded colour work. However, they especially shine, if you do bead work and pre-bead your yarn. Even though there are some of us who use other gadgets to pop a bead on a stitch, as we go, there are dyed in the wool pre-beaders!! Lynette Meek - Vogue Knitting designer, manager of Mad About Ewe Fine Yarns and knitter extraordinaire - is one and Jackie Erickson Schweitzer, of Heartstrings is another. Please note that I print and distribute patterns for both of these designers!!

Anyway, back to the Bobs. They come in three sizes - small (10 bobs to a pkg), medium (8 bobs to a pkg) and large (4 bobs to a pkg). The prices you see are retail. So, if you do the math again, you will see that they are really a great deal, to get the illusion of a day off, that is!!

Please post any other uses for EZ Bobs.

Have an EZ day!!

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