Thursday, January 30, 2014

Just Bob, Bob, Bobbin' along!!!

With EZ-Bobs that is. Infiknit has had these amazing little gadgets since the beginning. Well, not since the beginning of time, because that would mean that we should have an E-Z Bob-day and it would also mean that the world was created in 8 days not seven (or was that 7 days not 6). Anyway, do the Math, an extra day would only mean that every calendar, ever, is/was wrong and we still wouldn't really get a day off.

No, at one point, to make life easier, so you might have the illusion of a day off, Bryson Distributing, created E-Z Bobs. These are little (well some are big) plastic spools that fold over on themselves, after you have wound a quantity of yarn onto them, to seal the yarn in.

They are very useful for intarsia knitting or for stranded colour work. However, they especially shine, if you do bead work and pre-bead your yarn. Even though there are some of us who use other gadgets to pop a bead on a stitch, as we go, there are dyed in the wool pre-beaders!! Lynette Meek - Vogue Knitting designer, manager of Mad About Ewe Fine Yarns and knitter extraordinaire - is one and Jackie Erickson Schweitzer, of Heartstrings is another. Please note that I print and distribute patterns for both of these designers!!

Anyway, back to the Bobs. They come in three sizes - small (10 bobs to a pkg), medium (8 bobs to a pkg) and large (4 bobs to a pkg). The prices you see are retail. So, if you do the math again, you will see that they are really a great deal, to get the illusion of a day off, that is!!

Please post any other uses for EZ Bobs.

Have an EZ day!!

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Pom-pom and Circumstance....

I love pom-poms. I have said before that they are the razzle dazzle of life or at least one of the razzle dazzles. I was thinking the other day about the origin of the word, pom-pom. At first I thought of Pomp and Circumstance, you know magnificent splendour. Certainly costumes trimmed in an array of luscious pom-poms suggest a grand entrance, something worthy of a Sarah Bernhardt.

Yes, I know that you can make snowmen and cute little caterpillars by stringing together a few colourful pom-poms and these creations have their place. But to think of pom-poms as just small craft projects, is to take away their splendour. They are ornaments in the most opulent sense of the word. They should be used with gay abandon!! OK, we do put them on hats and add them tastefully to mittens, however, I love to see them strung along the border of a shawl or added to knitted blankets and afghans, for a start. They can also fancy up socks, finish a sweater or two and create accents for gorgeous home decor items. Pom-poms, for example, make wonderful wreaths for all seasons, excellent table decorations and adorn cushions to die for!

Heart Shaped Pom-pom maker from Clover

The word pom-pom is actually French, as was Sarah Bernhardt. It means a fluffy ornament of feathers or other light material worn in the hair. Something this sophisticated needs a proper pom-pom maker. I know that you can use bits of cardboard or forks to make them, but these props can be awkward and much of the joy of making something is in the quality of the tools used.

Few of us would use a dull kitchen knife to chop onions. So why not use a first class pom-pom maker to add a little razzle dazzle to your life. I love the fact that I distribute, from Clover, 5 of the very best pom-pom makers in the world. As Henkel is to knives, so Clover is to craft tools. We have 4 regular pom-pom makers, from extra small to extra large and a heart shaped pom-pom maker. Check them out on the site by keying "pom-pom maker" into the search engine there.

Have an opulent day!!

Thursday, January 23, 2014

What's New At Infiknit...

.....A few things -

1. First you may have noticed that there is another new blog link on the home page. I have finally decided to separate my "life" blog from my "business" blog. This is not really as grand as separating "Church from State" but it may make my posts a little more focused and relevant for Infiknit. The posts of my crazy life as Carol Tomany will still be there, however, you will be redirected from to Just as an aside, I had hoped to book the URL, however, although it was available, Go-Daddy had decided to create an auction for it and the opening bid was $67.50.

I now know how much my life is worth!!  I opted for the $9.99US price of the .ca domain registration rather than the inflated .com. Why, with the Canadian exchange rate my life, in Canada, is actually worth $10.19. In the US, it's only worth $9.99. Does that mean that life is more valuable in Canada? Maybe, we'll see, as I continue to post on Life Is What Happens!!

The phrase is not new. I actually read it for the first time years ago on a package of E-Z Bobs (more on these later) from Bryson Distributing. It is an original quote from Anon A. Ms. :) which goes like this:

"Life is what happens when you're busy making other plans."

So in order to spare busy shop owners the frenzied chaos of my personal life. I have created a blog with a calm exterior - - to create the illusion that we are in control here at Infiknit and we do have some amazing products and some amazing customers - YOU !!

2. I also plan at one point to move my "Queen Anne's Lace Knittng" blog over as a link from Infiknit, but I have to do some massaging on that one, so it could be a while. I will also have to speak to my alter-ego - Anne Corcoran (middle name & maiden name) to see if she would mind being linked to her crazed other half!!

Anyway, that's the news. I will be adding links to our FB page, as well as Twitter account and links that allow you to follow the blog etc. However, given that it has taken me most of the morning to get this far, I now have to do some real work and get a few orders out!!

Have a great day!!